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    Anniversary Wine Gift Set

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    Celebrate love with our Anniversary Wine Gift Set, thoughtfully curated with an elegant personalized serving tray, making it a memorable Valentine's Day gift. Choose your favorite wine to pair with two custom engraved stemmed wine glasses. Opening the bottle is a breeze with the included personalized corkscrew.

    Personalization: Personalizing this product is a simple process. Using the personalization box above please include a name and initial you would like on the items.  The name will be used on the bottle opener and tray, and the initials will be used on the wine glasses. To complete your set, choose your choice of wine from the dropdown menu.


    Name: Carter

    Initials: G & B

    1. Bottle of Wine of Your Choice: No wine set is complete without a carefully selected bottle of wine. Choose from our curated selection of rich reds, crisp whites, or sparkling varieties to suit your preferences. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or indulging in a quiet evening, our diverse wine options ensure there's a perfect bottle for every moment. Delight in the nuanced flavors and aromas, creating an unforgettable experience with each pour.

    2. Sturdy Faux Leather Serving Tray (16"x12") Engraved with Name: Elevate your entertaining experience with our meticulously crafted Sturdy Faux Leather Serving Tray. Measuring an impressive 16"x12", this substantial tray is both functional and stylish, providing a sophisticated canvas for your wine moments. The tray is expertly engraved with a name of your choice, transforming it into a personalized masterpiece. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it the perfect foundation for serving your favorite wines with flair.

    3. Stemmed 19 oz Wine Glasses Engraved with Initials (Set of 2): Sip and savor in style with our Stemmed 19 oz Wine Glasses, an exquisite pair designed for the true wine enthusiast. Each glass is gracefully engraved with the initials of the recipient, adding a touch of elegance to every pour. Crafted for optimal wine enjoyment, these glasses boast a perfect balance of form and function, making them the ideal vessels for your chosen vintage. Elevate your toasts and create lasting memories with this personalized glassware.

    4. Faux Leather Corkscrew with Bottle Opener Engraved with Name: Unveil the art of opening your favorite bottle with our Faux Leather Corkscrew and Bottle Opener. This multifunctional tool, clad in luxurious faux leather, is not only a statement piece but a practical accessory for any wine lover. Engraved with a name of your choosing, it adds a personalized touch to your wine rituals. Effortlessly uncork and open bottles with style, making this corkscrew a must-have addition to your wine set.