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    Personalized Whiskey Golf Enthusiast Gift Set

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    1- Choose desired bottle for this set.

    2- Using the above personalization box, please include the Name of the recipient you would like on the set. The first initial will be used on the decanter and rocks glass, and the name will be used on the front of the crate.



    750ml hand crafted in Wisconsin USA with real Titleist golf ball embedded

    Rocks Glasses:

    11 oz. glasses hand crafted in Wisconsin USA with real Titleist golf ball embedded


    Sturdy wooden crate that holds all gifts and completes the presentation of the gift.

    Elevate your passion for both golf and fine spirits with our Personalized Whiskey Golf Set—a perfect fusion of sophistication and sporting flair. This distinguished set comes complete with a uniquely crafted decanter featuring a golf ball embedded within its crystal-clear depths, accompanied by two matching rocks glasses, all presented in a personalized showcase of your choosing.

    The centerpiece of this set is the expertly designed decanter, a true work of art that seamlessly marries the worlds of golf and whiskey. Encased within the crystal-clear glass is an actual golf ball, capturing the essence of the golfing spirit and creating a conversation piece that stands out on any bar or table. The attention to detail is impeccable, making it a statement piece for both enthusiasts of the fairway and connoisseurs of fine spirits.

    Accompanying the decanter are two rocks glasses, each bearing the same level of craftsmanship and adorned with subtle golf-themed details. These glasses are not just vessels for your chosen whiskey; they are an extension of the set's overall elegance, designed to enhance the sipping experience.

    To complete the personalized touch, choose your preferred whiskey to accompany this remarkable set. Whether it's a rich and smokey Scotch, a smooth and aged bourbon, or a refined single malt, the choice is yours to make. The whiskey is more than just a drink; it becomes a part of the experience, creating moments that are truly your own.

    The entire ensemble is presented in a personalized showcase, allowing you to add a name or initials. This thoughtful touch transforms the set into a cherished keepsake, making it an ideal gift for the golf enthusiast or whiskey aficionado in your life.

    Whether you're sharing a dram with friends after a day on the golf course or enjoying a quiet evening at home, our Personalized Whiskey Golf Set is a celebration of the finer things—a testament to your individuality, taste, and appreciation for the artistry that goes into both the perfect swing and the perfect sip.