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    Irish Slammer Gift Set

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    Name: Murphy

    Introducing the Irish Slammer Drinking Gift Set—a tribute to the spirited essence of Ireland, meticulously crafted to enhance your drinking experience. Unravel the magic of Irish tradition with every pour and toast to cherished moments shared with friends and family.

    Nestled within our luxurious wooden keepsake box lies the heart of the Irish Slammer—a half pint of Jameson Irish Whiskey, renowned for its smoothness and distinctive character. Accompanying this iconic whiskey are two 100ml bottles of Baileys Irish Cream, each brimming with creamy indulgence and rich flavor, promising a taste of true Irish hospitality.

    But the journey doesn't end there. Embrace the essence of camaraderie with our personalized pint glass, elegantly etched with your unique touch. Feel the warmth of Irish spirit as you savor your favorite libations in style, accompanied by our matching personalized shot glass, designed to elevate every toast.

    From the first pour to the final sip, the Irish Slammer Drinking Gift Set embodies the essence of Irish tradition and hospitality—a testament to the bonds of friendship and the joy of shared moments. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply savoring the beauty of everyday life, this exquisite set promises an experience like no other.


    Jameson: 200ml 

    Baileys Irish Cream: 2x 100ml bottles

    Guinness Draught: 16 Oz. Can

    Pint Glass:

    • 16 oz.
    • Dishwasher Safe

    Shot glass:

    • 2 oz.
    • dishwasher safe

    Wood Gift Box:

    • Dimensions: Crafted from premium pine wood, the wooden gift box measures 11x11x6", providing ample space for the decanter and glasses.