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    Whiskey Sampler Gift Box Set

    ★★★★★ 104 Reviews

    Presenting the Ultimate Personalized Whiskey Gift Box Set: A trio of distinguished flavors, elegantly encased in a beautifully crafted box that bears a name of significance and a heartfelt message within.

    The Whiskey Selection:

    1. Woodford Reserve: A true embodiment of craftsmanship, Woodford Reserve delivers a rich, full-bodied flavor profile. Each half pint encapsulates the essence of toasted oak, caramel, and a hint of vanilla. Savor the depth of character that defines this classic bourbon.

    2. Maker's Mark: With its iconic red wax seal, Maker's Mark is a masterpiece of tradition. Delighting the senses with notes of honey, spice, and a smooth finish, it's a testament to the art of small-batch distillation and the pursuit of excellence.

    3. Gentleman Jack: Elevating the experience, Gentleman Jack is a refined double-mellowed Tennessee whiskey. Its balanced flavor profile, featuring hints of caramel and fruit, embodies the sophistication and discernment of its namesake.

    The Personalized Touch: The exquisite box in which these exceptional whiskies are nestled carries a name that's more than just an inscription; it's a seal of distinction, an ode to the recipient's unique identity. Open the box, and within, a custom message awaits, a whisper of sentiment that adds depth and meaning to this extraordinary gift.

    Personalized Shot Glasses: The set is accompanied by two shot glasses, each a canvas for personalization. The recipient's name elegantly etched onto the glasses ensures that every sip taken becomes an intimate, personalized experience.

    This gift box set is more than just a collection of fine spirits; it's a symphony of flavors, emotions, and memories. It's a celebration of the artistry of distillation, the joy of sharing, and the bonds that tie us. With every pour, with every clink of the personalized shot glasses, this set tells a story—a story of exquisite taste, thoughtfulness, and a shared appreciation for life's finest moments.


    Please include one name. The name will be used on the top of the box, and on the shot glasses along with the first initial of the name provided. For the custom message, please include how many years you are celebrating and keep not under 20 characters long.


    Keklik. 5 Years down, forever to go. Happy Anniversary. Love, Bethany